22 August 2017

Google public releases Android 8.0 Oreo name, and silent releases Android Oreo beta firmwares for Next/Pixel

Google announced eclipse event site, and released the name of Android 8.0 Oreo with short animation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twZggnNbFqo).
It is not bad, but I continue to find additional.

We can receive Beta Firmware of Android 8.0 Oreo for Nexus 5X/6P/Player, Pixel and Pixel C/XL.
From Android Developer site at

points to Android O Developer preview at
and then we can access to Beta Firmware from

Enjoy Oreo!

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02 May 2013

OldExpose on Mountain Lion 10.8 within standard features

OldExpose on Mountain Lion 10.8
Uncheck [Group win...]
Mission Control on Mountain Lion 10.8/Lion 10.7
Exposé on Snow Leopard 10.6
[from my past post]

Exposé on Tiger 10.4/Leopard 10.6 (OldExpose)
I found OldExpose solution (original Exposé mode) for Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 at last.
If you know Tiger 10.4 or Leopard 10.5 Exposé, you might love it, and hate it on OS X newer than 10.5.

The first screen shot is OldExplse on Mountain Lion.
To enable OldExpose, open [System Preferences], select [Mission Control], and Uncheck [Group windows by application].

Comparing Exposés from Tiger 10.4/Leopard 10.5 to Lion 10.7/Lion 10.8, original Exposé (so called OldExpose) has been the best Exposé ever.
Disabling [Group windows by application] simulates OldExpose very well.
I let you easily select the target window from many windows opens, by preserving the original window places and sizes compared to others.
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12 November 2012

iPad mini price formula, I fuond; $40 x screen size, and for Retina $50 x screen size

from article by AppBank
I found simple iPad series price calculation formula that I had never seen in internet.
That covers iPod touch as somebody said as "iPad mini is large iPod touch."
  • non Retina iPad's price is $40 multiplied by display size in inch.
    For Retina model, $50 multiplied by display size.
  • Above is for 16GB model. For 32GB and 64GB, each time when doubling the memory, plus $100.
  • With Cellular, plus $130
That's all.
Let me verify it using table.

iPod touch 5geniPad miniiPad 2iPad 4gen
display size47.99.79.7
16GBmultiplied by $40
Retina; multiplied by $50199 (not available)

with Cellular; plus $130
32GB; plus $100multiplied by $40

Retina; multiplied by $50299

with Cellular; plus $130
64GB; plus $200multiplied by $40

Retina; multiplied by $50399

with Cellular; plus $130
In this table, I wrote real price.
But gaps between calculation are smaller than 4%.
Now let me simulate several predicts for iPad mini.
  • If iPad mini had 7 inchi display similar to other tables, the price was $40*7=$280. I think it is not competitive nor innovative.
  • If iPad mini was with 8GB, the price was $329-$100=$229. I could be $199, same as Nexus 7 at that time, but they lowered soon.
  • If iPad mini with Retina display wil be released, the price will be $50*7.9=$395~$399. At the time it will be released, iPad 2 in that price will be retired, and iPad mini should be major member in iPad series.
How do you think this?
I'm looking forward to half and/or one year later.
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29 July 2012

MobileMultiUser for iOS V4 - enables switching user environment on family iPad or iPhone

MobileMultiUser V4 is improved on speed to switching user.
It takes about only fifteen seconds, compared to two minutes on earlier version.

MobileMultiUser protect your private account with password.

If you do not have iPads (or iPhones) for each your family member, and you have to share the it, MobileMultiUser will help you.

JB is required.
Installation instruction is on previous post.

Please enjoy.

23 January 2012

MobileMultiUser is available on Cydia

Open Cydia, then
  1. Go to [Manage] tab
  2. Tap [Sources]
  3. Tap [Edit] button
  4. Tap [Add] button
  5. Enter http://cydia.myrepospace.com/taka8aru and Tap [Add Source] button
  6. Then Cydia processes repository. (It takes several minutes these days, because some major repository having trouble.)
  7. Tap [Done] button
  8. Select [taka8aru - MyRepoSpace], and you find MobileMultiUser

Please enjoy.