07 October 2010

Google Instant for Images, Videos, Blogs, and Updates (realtime search)

Today, Google enables Instant capability for Images search, Videos, Updates, News, Books, Blogs, and Discussions.
Google Maps and Shopping Search are not yet.
For Google Realtime Search (Updates Search for Twitter, etc) search result is updated according to your input, and the same time the result is scrolled down realtime.

Google Instant provides Arrow Key Navigation

Do you find the small blue rectangle located left of Google Instant search result entry? (see red square on screen image)
I found that it is used by cursor (arrow) key navigation function provided by Google Instant.
  • Up and Down arrow keys let you move up and down the rectangle and select one of the result
  • Return key let you jump to the result
  • At the bottom of screen, you can also select Next and Previous button
Arrow key navigation will help you speeding up your google-ing.