07 October 2010

Google Instant for Images, Videos, Blogs, and Updates (realtime search)

Today, Google enables Instant capability for Images search, Videos, Updates, News, Books, Blogs, and Discussions.
Google Maps and Shopping Search are not yet.
For Google Realtime Search (Updates Search for Twitter, etc) search result is updated according to your input, and the same time the result is scrolled down realtime.

Google Instant provides Arrow Key Navigation

Do you find the small blue rectangle located left of Google Instant search result entry? (see red square on screen image)
I found that it is used by cursor (arrow) key navigation function provided by Google Instant.
  • Up and Down arrow keys let you move up and down the rectangle and select one of the result
  • Return key let you jump to the result
  • At the bottom of screen, you can also select Next and Previous button
Arrow key navigation will help you speeding up your google-ing.

15 September 2010

MobileMe is the pioneer instead of Google Instant

Many of us think the Google is the pioneer at Instant search technology derived from Google Wave.

However, Apple renewed MobileMe Web service on June, with instant search capabilities for Mail and Contacts.
When you start typing at search field, MobileMe starts searching and display search result instantly.

Google Translation has been similar to Google Instant/Wave

Recently, Google announced to launch the brand new technology called Google Instant (TechCrunch article 2010-09-08).
It is said as newest technology at many news sites or blogs.

However, I found that Google Translate also have similar capability (instant result display) since it adds some new features on 2010-08-30.
It also provides pronunciation.
I think instant capability is more useful on Google Translate than Google Instant Search.

01 September 2010

rumor: Millions of devices watching this streaming could use FaceTime

Today's Apple keynote will be broadcasted via streaming.
My rumor "Millions of devices watching this streaming could use FaceTime."
Recently Jobs stated "Apple will ship tens of millions of FaceTime-connected devices in 2010."

22 June 2010

Safari Reader customization - sans-serif font

Safari 5's Reader is incredibly cool.
You can customize Safari Reader output by editing "Reader.html" file at "/Applications/Safari.app/Contents/Resources/" folder.
This is the way to change the type face from serif to sans-serif both at title and body.
  • The line 7 of Reader.html begins with "<style ". Insert following after the line 7;
    * { font-family: sans-serif !important; }
Technically, the key for this is style prioritization specification: "!important".
Most of the parts of Safari Reader output is based on Reader.html styles, but body paragraphs are overridden by hard-coded Safari output.

Please enjoy.
Do not forget to backup before make modification to your system.

[Japanese version]

18 June 2010

Please update your Flash Player on Mac OS X 10.6.4; current, vulnerable

If you updated your Mac OS X to 106.4 today or yesterday, you should also check your Flash Player version;
  • current/newest
  • vulnerable
You can check your Flash version at About Adobe Flash Player site.
Don't miss it.

When Apple released Snow Leopard 10.6.0, they did similar problem.

09 June 2010

iPhone 4 screen resolution

iPhone 4 screen resolution is even higher.
A blog named "Second Flush" tested iPhone/iPad Simulator of SDK.

from the 100 new features of iPhone 4, Macro Photo and Notes Sync

Followings are my most curious features;
  • The camera has macro function
    Camera page says "the macro lens takes great close-ups."
  • Notes Sync
    More features page says "If you use an IMAP account such as MobileMe, your notes can even sync over the air."

23 April 2010

new version of Fonera 2.0n firmware, it is very good

The firmware update version was released for FON Fonera 2.0n.
With older firmware relase, iPod touch/iPhone was sometimes suddenly disconnected and/or communication was very slow on Wi-Fi vir Fonera.
With this release, Wi-Fi communication becomes very stable like old La-Fonera 1.0.

This release is must be used for all Fonera 2.0n user.