15 September 2010

MobileMe is the pioneer instead of Google Instant

Many of us think the Google is the pioneer at Instant search technology derived from Google Wave.

However, Apple renewed MobileMe Web service on June, with instant search capabilities for Mail and Contacts.
When you start typing at search field, MobileMe starts searching and display search result instantly.

Google Translation has been similar to Google Instant/Wave

Recently, Google announced to launch the brand new technology called Google Instant (TechCrunch article 2010-09-08).
It is said as newest technology at many news sites or blogs.

However, I found that Google Translate also have similar capability (instant result display) since it adds some new features on 2010-08-30.
It also provides pronunciation.
I think instant capability is more useful on Google Translate than Google Instant Search.

01 September 2010

rumor: Millions of devices watching this streaming could use FaceTime

Today's Apple keynote will be broadcasted via streaming.
My rumor "Millions of devices watching this streaming could use FaceTime."
Recently Jobs stated "Apple will ship tens of millions of FaceTime-connected devices in 2010."