14 June 2009

What our most want is MacBook Air with 4GB

On the same time of announcement of iPhone 3G S, MacBook series was renewed.
Noticeable with bringing back of sub-15-inch MacBook Pro, and maximum 8GB of memory on notebook footprint.
But I feel something missing with MacBook Air.
It is great that it is priced under $2,000 with SSD, however fixed 2GB memory is not sufficient for professional use.
It may be convenient 4GB version with $500 additional cost.

In addition, (but it is not my personal economic interest) 17-inch MacBook Pro could be doubled on memory slots and configured with 16GB or cheaper priced 8GB is very interesting (if possible on 15-inch).
Nowadays, many kind of tasks are done with virtual machine, so 3GB limit of 32-bit operating system has become bottleneck.
We want that benefits of Mac OS X could be boosted with maximum memory available even on the MacBook.

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