25 October 2009

Windows 7 tips; keyboard short-cut and gesture for maximize and minimize

Windows 7 tips I found.
  • [Windows]+[Right arrow] and [Windows]+[Left arrow]
    Align and maximize at right/left half of display.
    With mouse, move title bar to right/left edge of display.
    To restore, reverse arrow key. If you press same arrow key once again, the window will be aligned and maximized to opposite, and again, it will be restored.
  • [Windows]+[Up arrow]
    Maximize current window.
    With mouse, move title bar to top edge of display.
    To restore, press [Windows]+[Down arrow] . If you press this key again, see below.
  • [Windows]+[Down arrow]
    Minimize current window (iconify).
  • [Windows]+[Shift]+[Up arrow]
    Maximize current windows to vertical direction.
    With mouse, move bottom border to bottom edge of display. (move down with mouse, but up arrow with keyboard)
    To restore, press [Windows]+[Down arrow] . [Windows]+[Shift]+[Down arrow] is same effect. If you press again, see above.
  • Shake the window title
    Minimize other windows.

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