23 September 2009

Passcode Lock Now utility

>Recently, I wrote an entry "Protect your iPhone/iPod touch with Stronger Password".
Many of us use passcode lock timer to let us eliminate re-enter the passcode even when iPhone/iPod touch has been locked in very short period.
When you leave your iPhone/iPod touch alone, someone could see your important information without passcode.

I wrote "PasscodeLckNw (Passcode Lock Now)" utility that puts iPhone/iPod touch immediately into passcode locked.

PasscodeLckNw (Passcode Lock Now) (build #001 2009-09-22) [Download]

How to install:
  • It can not be installed from App Store, sorry.
  • Copy above kit to home direcotry of mobile user of iPhone/iPod touch by your favorite method.
  • Log-in to iPhone/iPod touch and become root (by "su" command).
  • Extract the kit at /Applications/ folder. The example command is;
    cd /Applications/ ; unzip ~mobile/PasscodeLckNw-001.zip
    A directory /Applications/PasscodeLckNw.app/ will be created.
  • Let iPhone/iPod touch recognize the application by using "respring" command or reboot.
Implementation note:
  • This is a shell-script application.
  • It restarts SpringBoard process by using "killall". That is a quicker way to lock the iPhone/iPod touch than rebooting.
[Japanese version]

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