22 September 2009

Grid layout of Snow Leopard Exposé ; wrong decision

Grid layout of Exposé on Snow Leopard (with about 60 windows)
Flexible layout of Exposé on Leopard (showing famous 150 window) - There are 2.5 times many windows, but easily distinguish each of them.
The Layout mode of Exposé is changed from Flexible to Grid on Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6).
I like flexible layout of Leopard or Tiger (10.5/10.4).
I think grid layout has following disadvantages.
  • The size of all window will be same. So you can not easily find them.
    For example, large Safari window and tiny Sticky window will have the same size. You can not distinguish which window is Safari and another is Sticky at once.
  • The information "window size" will be dismissed.
  • There is no meaning on Grid itself.
    Grid layout is seems to be smart, but original window layout is analog, and is not aligned each other.
  • Anyway, Grid layout is not fun compared to Flexible layout.
I want original Flexible layout comes back in future.

[Japanese version]

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