12 November 2012

iPad mini price formula, I fuond; $40 x screen size, and for Retina $50 x screen size

from article by AppBank
I found simple iPad series price calculation formula that I had never seen in internet.
That covers iPod touch as somebody said as "iPad mini is large iPod touch."
  • non Retina iPad's price is $40 multiplied by display size in inch.
    For Retina model, $50 multiplied by display size.
  • Above is for 16GB model. For 32GB and 64GB, each time when doubling the memory, plus $100.
  • With Cellular, plus $130
That's all.
Let me verify it using table.

iPod touch 5geniPad miniiPad 2iPad 4gen
display size47.99.79.7
16GBmultiplied by $40
Retina; multiplied by $50199 (not available)

with Cellular; plus $130
32GB; plus $100multiplied by $40

Retina; multiplied by $50299

with Cellular; plus $130
64GB; plus $200multiplied by $40

Retina; multiplied by $50399

with Cellular; plus $130
In this table, I wrote real price.
But gaps between calculation are smaller than 4%.
Now let me simulate several predicts for iPad mini.
  • If iPad mini had 7 inchi display similar to other tables, the price was $40*7=$280. I think it is not competitive nor innovative.
  • If iPad mini was with 8GB, the price was $329-$100=$229. I could be $199, same as Nexus 7 at that time, but they lowered soon.
  • If iPad mini with Retina display wil be released, the price will be $50*7.9=$395~$399. At the time it will be released, iPad 2 in that price will be retired, and iPad mini should be major member in iPad series.
How do you think this?
I'm looking forward to half and/or one year later.
[Japanese version of this post]

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