02 May 2013

OldExpose on Mountain Lion 10.8 within standard features

OldExpose on Mountain Lion 10.8
Uncheck [Group win...]
Mission Control on Mountain Lion 10.8/Lion 10.7
Exposé on Snow Leopard 10.6
[from my past post]

Exposé on Tiger 10.4/Leopard 10.6 (OldExpose)
I found OldExpose solution (original Exposé mode) for Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 at last.
If you know Tiger 10.4 or Leopard 10.5 Exposé, you might love it, and hate it on OS X newer than 10.5.

The first screen shot is OldExplse on Mountain Lion.
To enable OldExpose, open [System Preferences], select [Mission Control], and Uncheck [Group windows by application].

Comparing Exposés from Tiger 10.4/Leopard 10.5 to Lion 10.7/Lion 10.8, original Exposé (so called OldExpose) has been the best Exposé ever.
Disabling [Group windows by application] simulates OldExpose very well.
I let you easily select the target window from many windows opens, by preserving the original window places and sizes compared to others.
[Japanese version of this post]

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